Parents, please feel free to assist the children in the weeding of our garden. There is quite a lot of growth around the bottom of the garden beds, mostly grasses that need pulling up.


Leaves and pine needles

The native trees in our garden are not friends of our fruit and vegetables. While you are enjoying a walk around the beds, please throw out any of the eucalypt leaves or pine needles that find their way there.


We are noticing fungus growing amongst our vegetables. To combat this, we ask that children bring in eggshells. Apparently adding eggshells will help add calcium to the soil. We have placed a pot marked “eggshells” beside the whiteboard. Please drop them in!



We are developing ways of informing you of news and ways in which you can help in the garden. We have secured a whiteboard against the fence as a short-term measure for this purpose.


Being too picky!

Finally, most of our produce is not ready to pick and we are creating a system to inform children and parents what can be picked and when. Please support us by reinforcing to the children that teachers will tell them when they are able to pick fruit and vegetables from the garden. Thank you.

Alan Strachan     Garden Co-ordinator


The New Kindergarten Enjoying the Garden


Starting from Monday 4th February we will be trialling a change in before school arrangements. From 8:30am we will have families enter via the gates on the top playground. The teacher on duty will be on the top playground only. 

This will allow families to enjoy the school garden and possibly take the opportunity to do some gardening and maintenance of the garden beds. 

In the event of inclement weather we will revert to using the COLA area and assembly hall.  Families can still order from the canteen before school.

At home time, children will be dismissed from the middle playground as usual.


This year we were fortunate to be part of the annual Deloitte IMPACT Day. Deloitte Australia is part of a global company providing a broad range of audit, tax, consulting, and financial advisory services to public and private clients. On IMPACT day employees from Deloitte put aside their administrative tasks and business roles to provide skills-based volunteering with hands-on support to over one hundred not-for-profit organisations and schools.

On Friday, 16th November, 20+ volunteers offered hands on assistance with continuing to create our school garden as well as attend to a number of garden maintenance issues. Kindergarten worked with them in the morning to move soil to the recently constructed garden beds. While a few keen gardeners from Sydney Class worked with our Deloitte volunteers to plant some flowers and herbs in the middle terrace. 

We were to be able to thank our volunteers in the Friday afternoon school assembly. It was a hugely successful day and we hope to be able to be part of the annual event next year! Thank you to the Deloitte team for the hours of work you saved us and thank you Mr Strachan for ensuring we had all the necessary equipment and soil to achieve soooo much!

We are hosting another GARDEN WORKING BEE on Thursday 15th November from 3pm until around 5pm. We will be located at the end of the Top Playground on our garden site.

If you think that you may be available to help, please email the school at the address below or sign the register in the COLA, near the Assembly Hall.

PLEASE BRING: Sun safe clothing, water bottle and closed shoes. Sunscreen will be provided. Light refreshments will be enjoyed in the Lord Wolseley on the Quarry Green at the conclusion of the Working Bee.

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