Ultimo Public School is investigating the idea of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)for Year 5 and 6 students in 2015. This means allowing students to bring in their own technology devices such as iPads and using them for school related activities. School related activities could include taking notes, doing research, creating projects, writing reports and taking assessments.

Schools around NSW are studying and implementing this as a way to help get new technology into the classrooms. Students like such strategies because they get to use more modern technology and technology that they are familiar with since it is their own. Any BYOD program would be accompanied with a clear and stringent strategy and procedures, which all parties would adhere to. The school already supplies a small number of school owned devices for students to use in the classroom.

This survey will be very helpful as we assess the viability of a BYOD strategy at our school. We are asking for all parents and carers of Ultimo Public School and especially those who will have students moving into years 5 and 6 in 2015, to please take some time to complete the survey and to inform us of your opinions on this topic. Please click on the following Parent Survey link: 


Parent Survey


We will be running a ‘Parent Session/Workshop’ in Term 1 2015 aimed at giving you more information, a chance to ask questions and to also meet the staff involved in implementing BYOD in their classes.


On Thursday the 13th of November, parents are invited to join our new band provider PMI (Primary Music Institute) for an information evening at 6pm in the school library. This will give parents a chance to meet our new band conductor, hear more about our new and exciting band program and receive enrolment information. Students are also welcome to attend.

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