To thank students, parents and teachers for their commitment to P&C fund raising events, the P&C has arranged for Drum Circle Events to present Groove Tube to the school community. This event will take place at the first Friday assembly of Term 4 (11/10/13) at 2pm. All are welcome! Click on the flyer for more details.


Our Excursion to the Museums by Alena
On Thursday the 12th of September, all the Year three and four students went to the Australian Museum and the Reserve Bank.
Firstly, our group walked to the Australian Museum. It was a long way through the busy city! There we saw lots of things: mammals, reptiles, birds, sea creatures, marsupials and prehistoric animals. They were all dead, of course! The dinosaurs included an archaeopteryp lithographica from Germany, which lived 155-150 million years ago in the late Jurassic Period. In the skeleton section we saw elephant bones, giraffe bones and many other things. After that, we had our lunch outside the Reserve Bank before going inside. There we learnt some of the safety features of money, like that real money has raised print. We also had a treasure hunt. It was fun searching for the answers! The next thing that we did was to have our lunch at Hyde Park. Finally, we went back to school for our scripture lessons. In conclusion, this excursion has turned out to be the best day ever!
 Our Excursion to the Museums by Fred Bailey-Cook
On Thursday the 12th of September, all of the Year Three and Four students went to the Australian Museum and the Reserve Bank.
Firstly we went inside the Australian Museum and got into a queue and went into a room where we sat on the floor. A man told us some stuff like "You can touch the animals" and other things like that. We walked upstairs and I saw the Mineral Room and I was so desperate to go in. However, we went to the armoury room instead and it had a bullet proof vest and animals with shells and other things. Then we went into this room full of dinosaur bones. So we followed Mr Parr and did the archaelogy dino bone thing! Next I heard a noise like thunder and it was the dinosaur! After that, we went to the Australian Reserve Bank and we went to the place where we got a lot of information. Finally, we did the treasure hunt and I got to find the answers and I got everything correct. In conclusion, I would have liked to have gone into the Mineral Room and the shop!


On behalf of the P&C Fund Raising sub-committee, we ask for your support with our main fund raising event of the year. Last year we raised just over $9000.00! I’m sure that we can surpass that figure this year. The three classes that raise the most funds will win a free movie and popcorn session. There are other prizes on offer, but the best rewards are the fitness and health benefits & the joy of participating in a common cause. This year, funds raised will be channelled towards the purchase of ICT equipment. Please note that we are not collecting sponsorships and donations until Monday 16th September.


Fun Run Walk Sponsor Form 2013


Thank you to Lorna, Karen and all the parents who made this fantastic event a success. Through your generosity and support about $500.00 was raised. All men who attended were given a white ribbon. This gesture reminded us that we stand up to violence against women and girls.

Dance at Ultimo Public School

During Term 3 Footsteps provided a 10 week dance program for all students


Footsteps have provided a specialist in-school dance program that included a range of dances such as Hip-Hop, Cha Cha and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Dance is a great way to achieve and maintain a high level of fitness and students had the opportunity to develop these skills.

Nalondo presented their 'Michael Jackson' dance at our Assembly...Ultimo has some rising dance stars!!!




Junior Choir 'Celebration Sing Out Concert'

Sunday 10th November

Town Hall

The Junior Choir are eagerly practising for the Celebration Sing Out Concert next term, Sunday 10th November. 



After a wonderful rehearsal here at Ultimo Public School, where our choir combined with 4 other schools, we are now working towards the final TWO rehearsals.  These are planned on the weekend of the performance Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November.

If you would like the opportunity to purchase tickets so you can be a part of this wonderful Celebration Sing Out Concert at the Town Hall on Sunday 10th November at 7pm, please click on the link to the 2013 TICKETS LETTER or visit ONLINE STORE and PAYMENT. All proceeds of the concert go to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

This term, students from Kindergarten to Year 6 are developing their public speaking skills. Later in the year, six student representatives will compete in the Inner City Public Speaking Competition on the 22nd of October at Crown St Public School. Students need to practise a prepared speech on a topic of their choice. There will be Stage “speak offs” to select our six best public speakers early in Term 4. Good luck girls and boys!




Ultimo Public School is proud to be participating in the Jump Rope for Heart program in week 8, 9 and 10 this term. Funds raised will go towards research to help the fight against heart disease and stroke. We will be hosting a ‘Jump Off’ event in the hall at 2:00pm on Wednesday the 18th of September. This presentation will allow students to show off some of the exciting skipping skills and games that they have learnt during the program. There are fantastic prizes for students who raise as little as $15.00. So jump on board and try to gain as many sponsors as you can.

Please see Mr Parr if you would like a sponsorship form.


Congratulations to the twenty recorder players on their magnificent performance at the Sydney Opera House on Monday night 26th August as part of the NSW DEC Arts Unit 2013 Instrument Music Festival. The concert was a wonderful showcase of the incredibly high quality of instrumental music in NSW public schools. It was a great thrill for the students to perform at the Opera House and hear other fine musicians. Thank you to the students for their commitment and hard work. Thank you to the families of the students for their support.

Ms Chang



The second annual Ultimo Multiplication Challenge is underway! Students should be practising their tables using the challenge sheet available here.

Teachers will be doing the final test rounds in classes in week 7 (ending 30th August). The fastest times will go through to the final 'quick draw' rounds to be held during assembly in the coming weeks.

There will be a trophy awarded to the winner, and the winner and runner-up will have their names engraved on the Multiplication Challenge Cup. Last year, Oliver and Yu Sun were the showdown champions and are going to be hard to beat.... 

Who will be in the finals this year?

Will it be you???

Book Character Parade & Library Assembly

Friday 30th August

Some suggestions  for your BOOK CHARACTER …..

  • Animals and imaginary creatures
  • Pirates, warriors and emperors
  • Kings, queens, princes and princesses
  • Witches, warlocks, fairies, elves, goblins, hobbits and other magical creatures
  • Fairy-tale heroes and villains
  • Monsters, aliens, vampires and zombies
  • Sportspeople, scientists, artists  and musicians
  • Superheroes and just ordinary workers
  • Secret agents and spies
  • Characters from myths and legends
  • Ballerinas, puppets, dolls and babies


Just let your imagination run wild and remember to bring the book with you….

It has been an exciting week getting our hands dirty while learning about science at Ultimo P.S.

Cornstarch Experiment

Bolivia did a very messy and fun science experiment which involved cornstarch and water. They followed a procedure called Fizzy Flowing and Funky Super Starch. Students discovered that some things can be a solid and a liquid as well. When you apply movement or pressure to the cornstarch and water mixture, it becomes a solid. If you punch it, it might even crack! However, when you hold the mixture still in your hand, it will fall through your fingers like honey. Isotropy is when a liquid becomes solid when moved. Wow, I didn’t know that!


The Human Body: Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Eau de Nil students created circulatory system models.

They learnt that....

Nalondo students created their very own respiratory system using recycled materials such as an empty bottle, plasticene, a Y tube, tape and balloons. They discovered that...

........when you inhale air, the lungs inflate with oxygen and the diaphragm contracts downwards. However, when you exhale carbon dioxide, the lungs deflate and the diaphragm relaxes upwards.




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