The Vegie Voice


Parents, please feel free to assist the children in the weeding of our garden. There is quite a lot of growth around the bottom of the garden beds, mostly grasses that need pulling up.


Leaves and pine needles

The native trees in our garden are not friends of our fruit and vegetables. While you are enjoying a walk around the beds, please throw out any of the eucalypt leaves or pine needles that find their way there.


We are noticing fungus growing amongst our vegetables. To combat this, we ask that children bring in eggshells. Apparently adding eggshells will help add calcium to the soil. We have placed a pot marked “eggshells” beside the whiteboard. Please drop them in!



We are developing ways of informing you of news and ways in which you can help in the garden. We have secured a whiteboard against the fence as a short-term measure for this purpose.


Being too picky!

Finally, most of our produce is not ready to pick and we are creating a system to inform children and parents what can be picked and when. Please support us by reinforcing to the children that teachers will tell them when they are able to pick fruit and vegetables from the garden. Thank you.

Alan Strachan     Garden Co-ordinator


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