Ultimo Public School was established  in 1880 and is situated on the southern fringe of the Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour. The school site is currently under redevelopment  and in January 2020, the students and staff will move into a new state of the art facility with innovative learning environments. For updates on the site visit:

The school population is comprised of 314 students from diverse cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. 69% of students are from language backgrounds other than English and 4% of students identify as Aboriginal. There are 42 languages and the most significant language groups represented are Mandarin (13%), Cantonese (8%) Japanese (7%), Indonesian (6%) and Korean, Thai and Arabic (4% each).

Student Learning is supported by various programs including English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D), Mandarin Community Language and our Gifted and Talented program for Years 2-6, which is based on the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads. There are also many extracurricular groups (covering sports, dance, musical instruments and coding) that meet before and after school.

The school provides a positive, safe and nurturing environment where each student feels respected, supported and challenged to achieve individual excellence.

Students are educated by committed and professional staff members who work with integrity and enthusiasm to ensure students achieve their personal best across all areas of the curriculum. They are led and mentored by highly skilled Assistant Principals who inspire excellence.

A strong partnership between parents and the school is evident in the involvement of parents in many different aspects of school life. The school has also established links with many local businesses and organisations that warmly support its activities in a variety of ways. The school is a demonstration school for the Powerhouse Museum, involving students in regular museum visits to preview and assist in designing exhibitions.

Respect, cooperation, compassion and excellence are core school values. Our banner statement ASPIRE – ACHIEVE – AMAZE is ever present in our hearts and minds. We strive to make progress and maintain humility and perspective.

Our School Crest

“The Ultimo Public School crest represents the rich history of our local area. Surgeon John Harris, tiring of the hustle and bustle of Sydney Town, decided to build an elegant country retreat in the style of the grand English manor houses which he had left far behind. Whilst the city has overtaken the peaceful oasis that he created, the suburb itself is named after the elegant Francis Greenway mansion, Ultimo House, that once stood here, and Harris Street is named after the area’s first landlord himself.

Ultimo Public School remembers, in its school crest, the deer which John Harris imported from India to graze in the pleasure gardens surrounding the house and reminds us of the tranquil elegance and extravagance of our long ago colonial past.

Our banner, ASPIRE-ACHIEVE-AMAZE, reaches far back, beyond modern history, through our colonial past and even further to the first Australian heritage of our local area. In all eras, the children of Ultimo have aspired, achieved and amazed and continue to do so with vision and integrity. Welcome to our place of learning and inspiration!”

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Glebe 2037
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