Annual School Report

The annual school report is our evaluation of the school, its teachers, students and school community during the past year.

Read the report to find out statistical information about us, such as how our students have performed against national minimal standards for reading, writing and numeracy in the NAPLAN tests, and details of the learning outcomes of students drawing from our school's internal assessment information. The report also summarises our school's initiatives and targets, and other educational practices, achievements and aspirations.

Please click on the link or contact us for a copy of our latest annual school report.

Annual School Report 2016

SCHOOL PLAN 2015 - 2017 

Annual School Report 2015

Annual School Report 2014

Annual School Report 2013 

PARENT/CAREGIVER SURVEY - Customer Service Parent Survey 2013

STUDENT SURVEY - Ultimo Public School QSL Student Responses

STAFF SURVEY - School Customer Service Audit - Teachers



Annual School Report 2012

Annual School Report 2011 (pdf, 1260 KB)

UPS Annual School Report 2010 (pdf, 928 KB)



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