Leadership Opportunities

We encourage students throughout the school the chance to develop leadership skills, through various roles and responsibilities.  The document attached details whole school roles and responsibilities for 2012.

Whole School Roles (ppt, 2715 KB)


Year 6 School Leaders

Students in Year 5 will be considering the opportunity to take on the role of School Leader as they make the step into Year 6.  The following document details;


  • UPS Leadership Responsibilities and Criteria
  • UPS Nomination and Selection Process
  • UPS Student Leader Application Form


UPS Leadership (pdf, 103 KB)



UPS Student Representative Committee

SRC Project

Last term the SRC focused on raising awareness about the recent floods and earthquakes that affected parts of Australia, New Zealand and Japan. At the end of the term we had a minute's silence to remember the people who have been affected. Ideas for how we could help the victims of these natural disasters were discussed at class meetings. This term we would like to put some of these ideas into action.

Students are invited to show their support by writing letters and drawing pictures or making origami in the hope that these may brighten someone's day. All of the contributions will be sent to schools in communities that have been badly affected.

If you would like to contribute you will need to do 3 things:
Firstly, collect a piece of special paper from the boxes placed in classrooms by SRC members. Secondly, write a letter or poem; make origami; or draw a picture that you think would make someone else feel happy to receive.
Lastly, return your piece of work to the boxes that are in the school foyer.

We look forward to sharing students' work with you soon.

Click here for origami ideas and instructions.

Students don't have to be school captains or house captains to be considered leaders. We encourage our students to be leaders in the classroom and playground, through their support for other students, or their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural or community events and projects.



On Wednesday 10th of August, our school hosted the Crazy Beanie Day. The beanies were great! Thanks to the students and their families who have donated money for this event. The SRC really appreciate the support our school has made. We have raised $634 but that's a tiny bit more than halfway of our goal! Our goal is $1236.
The aim of the Stewart House program is to keep children happy and healthy. Each year about 2000 public school children in need come to Stewart House from many parts of NSW and the ACT. During their 12-day stay, children are provided with optometric, dental and medical treatment as well as emotional support. This is balanced with health and educational programs. It boosts their self-esteem and promotes a healthier lifestyle.
But Stewart House is facing a problem. They are not getting enough money. You wouldn't want such a caring program to shut down, would you? If we hit our goal, we will be able to support one child to enjoy this program. The SRC hope we can continue to save our pocket money to support this meaningful program.



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